Finest Eliquid – Sweet and Sour – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 600ml

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Select Vape Presents “Finest Eliquid – Mix And Match (5 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 5 different Finest 120ml E-juice, giving you 600ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (5 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab all five in your favorite flavor or try them individually!

*** Each box comes with two 60ml bottle of your choice of Finest, adding up to 120ml of delicious E-liquid!

Apple Peach Sours

Select Vape presents Apple Peach Sour Eliquid by (Finest). Experience a sweet sensation of delicious stretchy apple and peach sour ring candy that will entice your sweet tooth. Each and every vape hit you take is filled with that satisfying fruity candy flavor; instantly making you want to take that next hit.

Strawberry Chew

Select Vape presents Strawberry Chew Eliquid by (Finest). Elevate your experience to new levels with a sweet flavorful strawberry candy chew followed up with sour accents for a blissful all-day vape. Succulent strawberry flavors blast through your taste buds on the initial inhale complimented by zesty sour notes on the exhale.

Green Apple Citrus

Select Vape presents Green Apple Citrus Eliquid by (Finest). Capture a truly delightful blend of crisp green apples complimented by contrasting citrus undertones, deliver a truly satisfying all day vape. From the inhale to the exhale, sweet green apple flavor fuses with citrus accents; delivering a melody of sweet and sour fruity flavors.

Cotton Clouds

Select Vape presents Cotton Clouds Eliquid by (Finest). Take yourself to the wondrous amusement park with a delectable blend of sweet fluffy cotton candy enhanced with a mouth puckering sour twist. Every vape hit you take is filled with that pleasantly sweet cotton candy flavor with hints of sour notes; brightening anyone’s day at any given time.

Blue Berries Lemon Swirl

Select Vape presents Blue Berries Lemon Swirl Eliquid by (Finest). Enjoy a delicate blend of luscious blueberries and zesty lemons to create a sweet and sour fruity vape, leaving your palette yearning for more. The inhale takes in succulent blueberry flavors that caress the taste buds. The exhale flawlessly compliments the initial sweet blueberry flavors with a frenzy of tangy lemon, sending you to roller coaster of sweetly sour flavors.

Straw Melon Sour

Select Vape presents Straw Melon Sour Eliquid by (Finest Saltnic Series). Treat yourself out to of freshly picked strawberries complimented with juicy watermelon flavor; integrated into a rich stretchy sour belt that will leave the taste buds puckered with excitement. This flavor profile is perfect for those looking for a quality sweet and sour fruity candy profile on to go.

Lemon Lush

Select Vape presents Lemon Lush Eliquid by (Finest). Experience the perfect pairing of zesty lemons with refreshing watermelon flavors packed into sweet gummy candy. This mesmerizing flavor delivers the perfect balance between sweet and sour fruity candy with every puff you take.

Straw Melon Sour Ice

Select Vape presents Straw Melon Sour Ice Eliquid by (Finest). Enjoy a frozen fruity treat with sweet plump strawberries and juicy watermelon integrated into a stretchy sour belt topped with icy cool menthol. Every puff you take is blasted by a blizzard of sweet and sour fruity candy flavors that will set your taste buds on a sheer cold frenzy.

Apple Peach Sour Ice

Select Vape presents Apple Peach Sour Ice Eliquid by (Finest). Refresh yourself to an icy cool mixture of juicy green apples with ripe peaches blended into stretchy sweet sour rings topped off with freezing menthol. The inhale is filled with sweet peach flavor notes that caress the taste buds follow up by a gentle chilly breeze of sour apple and menthol for that perfect finish.

Flavor Profile:

  • Apple Peach Sours
    • Apple Peach Sour Rings
  • Strawberry Chew
    • Strawberry Candy Chew
  • Green Apple Citrus
    • Green Apple with Citrus
  • Cotton Clouds
    • Cotton Candy with a Sour Twist
  • Blue Berries Lemon Swirl
    • Blueberries and Lemon
  • Straw Melon Sour
    • Strawberry Watermelon Sour Belts
  • Lemon Lush
    • Lemon and Watermelon Gummy Candy
  • Straw Melon Sour Ice
    • Strawberry Watermelon Sour Belts with Menthol
  • Apple Peach Sour Ice
    • Apple Peach Sour Rings with Menthol

You Receive:

  • (5) 2x 60ml bottles of Finest – Sweet and Sour – flavor of your choice

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1 review for Finest Eliquid – Sweet and Sour – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 600ml

  1. Briman69 (verified owner)

    Finest Eliquid – Sweet and Sour – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 600ml-Super great deal my local vape shop charges me for 5 boxes of this Twist Eliquid $190.00 before taxes. This is a great product for me, there is very little vape juice I can use because I have asthma. I have no problems with my asthma vaping this product every day.

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