Hi Drip ICED Eliquid – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 500ml


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Select Vape Presents “Hi Drip ICED – Mix And Match (5 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 5 different Hi Drip ICED 100ml e-juices giving you 500ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (5 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab all five in one flavor or try them all!

Water Melons/Melon Patch

Select Vape presents Water Melons by (Hi Drip ICED). Take that first chew off of a juicy, watermelon hi-chew with refreshing menthol for an icy, fruity experience. The inhale delivers that rich, watery watermelon flavor notes with a stretchy, gummy candy base. The exhale introduces a cool breeze of refreshing menthol, creating an overall quality fruity vape. Don’t wait and try out Water Melons ICED today!

Dew Berry/Honeydew Strawberry

Select Vape presents Honeydew Strawberry by (Hi-Drip ICED). Enjoy that delicious hi-chew candy filled with rich honeydew and strawberry flavor notes, complimented with ice cold menthol. Each and every hit delivers a rich, fruity sensation with that candy base. The exhale introduces a cool breeze of menthol, bringing the flavor profile into full circle.

Island Orange/Blood Orange Pineapple

Select Vape presents Blood Orange Pineapple by (Hi-Drip ICED). Enjoy a mouth watering, addictive fruity candy hi-chew with blood orange and pineapple flavors and complimented by refreshing menthol. The initial inhale delivers that delicious blood orange flavor notes, followed up by tropical pineapple undertones. The exhale brings forth a chill sensation of refreshing, menthol; it is as if you are chewing on a sweet fruity candy on a cool, cloudy day.

Mango Peach/Peachy Mango

Select Vape presents Mango Peach by (Hi-Drip ICED). Enjoy a tropical blend of rich, juicy mangoes with fresh, ripe peaches for a satisfying all-day vape. The inhale introduces a smooth, rich mango that is so delicious, your tastebuds will instantly water. The exhale slowly compliments the mango with smooth, ripe peach undertones that perfectly blends together.

Nectarine Lychee

Select Vape presents Nectarine Lychee Iced by (Hi Drip). Indulge in a rich, freezing mixture of sweet nectarines and succulent lychee with glacial menthol for a satisfying chill bliss. The vibrant notes of nectarines combined with the juicy, sweet lychee transforms this profile into a heavenly flavor that is sure to entice your palette. The exhale brings out that rich, cool menthol that immediately refreshes the body. Nectarine Lychee is the perfect refreshing flavor for those looking to a delicious, fruity treat.

Guava Lava

Select Vape presents Guava Lava Eliquid by (Hi Drip Iced). Refresh yourself on a hot, sunny day with delicious blend of sweet succulent strawberries and tangy tropical guavas drenched with chilling menthol. Hi Drip’s Guava Lava Iced instantly quenches your thirst with smooth, rich guava on the inhale. On the exhale, juicy strawberry flavors filled with natural sweetness intensify every second and finishes with a blast of cold menthol, freezing your taste buds. Guava Lava Iced comes in a 100ml gorilla bottle and blended as a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, delivering rich flavor enhancement with every puff you take.

White Peach Strawberry

Select Vape presents White Peach Strawberry Eliquid by (Hi Drip ICED). Experience a delightful fruity and icy blend with Hi Drip’s White Peach Strawberry Iced Eliquid 100ml. This delicious flavor profile captures the juicy essence of ripe white peaches and succulent strawberries, perfectly balanced with a refreshing blast of menthol. The flavor profile is both sweet and tart, with a smooth and cool finish that will leave you wanting more. With a 70/30 PG/VG rating, each puff from this flavor delivers a satisfying smooth throat hit. Experience the  ultimate blend of fruity sweetness and cool menthol with Hi Drip’s White Peach Strawberry Iced in a massive 100ml bottle today!

Passion Fruit Lemonade

Select Vape presents Passion Fruit Lemonade Iced Eliquid by (Hi Drip). Immerse yourself in the sensation of a serene ocean breeze as you sip on a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade infused with tropical passion fruit, all elevated by a cool touch of menthol. This perfect blend strikes a harmonious balance between the sweet and tart flavors, while the added menthol provides an extra layer of refreshment and a delightful icy kick to the mix. The result is a vaping experience that’s not only incredibly satisfying but also invigorating, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a touch of coolness in their fruity concoctions.

Flavor Profile:

  • Water Melons/Melon Patch
    • Watermelon and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • Dew Berry/Honeydew Strawberry
    • Honeydew, Strawberry and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • Island Orange/Blood Orange Pineapple
    • Blood Orange, Pineapple and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • Mango Peach/Peachy Mango
    • Mango, Peach and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • Nectarine Lychee
    • Nectarine, Lychee and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • Guava Lava
    • Guava, Strawberry and Menthol Hi-Chew
  • White Peach Strawberry
    • White Peach and Strawberries
  • Passion Fruit Lemonade
    • Passion Fruit with Lemonade

You Receive:

  • (5) 100ml Bottles of Hi Drip ICED of your choice

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