Keep it 100 Eliquid – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 500ml

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SELECT VAPE EXCLUSIVE E-JUICE BUNDLE DEAL! Buy together and save $15.95!

Select Vape Presents “Liquid Labs – Keep It 100% – Mix And Match (5 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 5 different Keep It 100% 100ml E-juice from 10 different flavors, giving you 500ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (5 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab all five your favorite flavor or try them individually!

OG Blue/Blue Slushie

Enjoy a refreshing vaping experience with “Blue Slushie” and its delicious blend of blue raspberries and strawberries into one icy cold slushie. Throughout the inhale, sweet and tasty blueberry rounds off perfectly in your mouth. Subtle strawberry undertones slowly mix with the initial blueberry notes on the exhale, bringing the vaping experience into full circle. Similar to those slushies we used to get as kids, “Blue Slushie” is the perfect vape for all those hot summer days.

OG Blue Iced/Blue Slushie Iced

OG Blue Iced delivers an upgraded rendition of Keep It 100 OG Blue with its delicious blend of blue raspberries and strawberries into one icy cold slushie complimented with refreshing menthol. Throughout the inhale, sweet and tasty blueberry rounds off perfectly in your mouth. Subtle strawberry undertones slowly mix with the initial blueberry notes on the exhale, bringing the vaping experience into full circle. Combined with menthol, OG Blue Iced further duplicates that sensation as if you\’re drinking an actual blue slushie!

OG Summer Blue/Blue Slushie Lemonade

“Blue Slushie Lemonade” takes Keep it 100% Blue Slushie profile into another direction with the addition of freshly squeezed lemonade on top of its blueberry and strawberry iced slushie. Each vape hit delivers a rush of tarty lemonade, zesty blue raspberry flavor notes complimented by sweet, succulent strawberries; providing an overall excellent vaping experience. You will certainly be shocked as to how this trifecta of flavors mesh so well together. “Blue Slushie Lemonade” is the E-liquid to go to if you’re looking for a delectable blend of sweet and sour flavor notes on a hot, sunny day!

OG Orchard/Peachy Punch

OG Orchard slams into the industry with rich sensation of mouthwatering peach, succulent strawberries, ripe apples and sweet mangoes fused into one delicious fruit punch E-liquid. The initial inhale is an immediate rush of vibrant peach and strawberry notes; enough of flavor by itself. The exhale provides a perfect compliment of freshly picked apples and tropical mangoes that harmonizes with the initial flavors. Everything about “Peachy Punch” blends well together, holding all attributes to a perfect all-day vape E-liquid.

OG Krunch/Krunchy Squares

“Krunchy Squares” features a delectable breakfast flavored E-juice that unifies french toast and cereal flavor notes into a unique, delicious E-liquid. Your vaping experience with “Krunchy Squares” starts off with a sweet maple syrup drenched on top of freshly toasted French toast that will make your mouth dripping. The exhale finishes off the experience with a sugar rush of crispy crunchy cereal, leaving your taste buds asking for more. If you’re looking for a unique cereal based E-liquid, “Krunchy Squares” is the one you would not want to miss!

OG Island Fusion/Kiberry Killa

“Kiberry Killa” provides freshly picked kiwis and succulent strawberries mixed together into a fruity blend that will have your palette awaiting. The inhale is a rush of sweet strawberry flavors that is beyond refreshing to your tastebuds. The exhale delivers a bold, sensational kiwi undertones that compliments the strawberry flavors into perfection. Go through a special vaping experience with a bottle of “Kiberry Killa” today!

Berry Au Lait/Strawberry Milk

“Strawberry Milk” features the ultimate summer-time dessert with a sweet, creamy and fruity strawberry milkshake. Each vape hit delivers a refreshing sensation of a creamy milkshake consisting of sweet vanilla ice cream, succulent strawberries and fresh cream. The inhale of this delicious E-liquid delivers a sweet and rich strawberry with subtle hints of creamy milk. The second you take your first vape hit with “Strawberry Milk” will be the moment you will fall in love with this E-liquid!

Shake/Birthday Shake

Select Vape presents Shake by (Keep it 100). Celebrate your birthday everyday with a delicious, sweet flavor of freshly baked birthday cake with soft, creamy icing blending into an icy, cold milk shake. The inhale is filled with rich, fluffy cake flavor notes that instantly smothers your sweet tooth. A creamy vanilla frosting blend adds an additional layer, soaking your taste buds followed up with a smooth, silky milk base on the exhale. This flavor is the perfect dessert flavor profile and will brighten anyone’s day; no matter where they are.

Maui Blast/Tropical Blast

Select Vape presents Maui Blast by (Keep it 100). Enjoy a delectable mixture of freshly picked exotic guavas and a wide assortment of tropical fruits while watching the sunset. The inhale provides a rich, sweet guava flavor that will instantly cause your mouth to drool as you crave for the next hit. The exhale refreshes the body with an assortment of different tropical fruits that compliments the sweet guava inhale to perfection.

OG Pink/Pink Burst

Select Vape presents Keep it 100 – OG Pink by (Liquid Labs). Pink Burst delivers a flavor explosion of sweet strawberry chewy taffy, making your sweet tooth tingle and asking for more! Keep It 100 has done it right with creating a delicious blend of sweet strawberry infused candy flavor that will have you picking up another bottle in no time. The inhale of this E-liquid is smooth and rich with a consistent pink strawberry flavor coming into your palette, oozing with fruity goodness. Pink Burst is an easy all-day vape for anyone who enjoys fruit E-juice flavors!

Flavor Profile:

  • OG Blue/Blue Slushie
    • Blue Raspberry & Strawberry Slushie
  • OG Blue Iced/Blue Slushie Iced
    • Blue Raspberry & Strawberry Slushie with Menthol
  • OG Summer Blue/Blue Slushie Lemonade
    • Blue Raspberry & Strawberry Slushie with Citrusy Lemonade
  • OG Orchard/Peachy Punch
    • Peachy Fruit Punch
  • OG Krunch/Krunchy Squares
    • French Toast Cereal
  • OG Island Fusion/Kiberry Killa
    • Strawberry & Kiwi
  • Berry Au Lait/Strawberry Milk
    • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Shake/Birthday Shake
    • Birthday Shake
  • Maui Blast/Tropical Blast
    • Guava with Tropical Fruits
  • OG Pink/Pink Burst
    • Pink Strawberry Taffy

You Receive:

  • (5) bottles of “Keep It 100” of your choice

Weight 2.5 oz

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1 review for Keep it 100 Eliquid – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 500ml

  1. Joshua Gallagher (verified owner)

    Price was a little high compared to other sites but you deliver fast and straight to my house in mass so kina makes up for the pricing

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