Pod Juice x Hyde Synthetic Nicotine Nic Salt – Mix and Match (2 Pack) 60ml


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This Nic Salt contains Tobacco-Free Nicotine.

Tobacco Free Nicotine is essentially the same thing as tobacco derived nicotine (TDN) extracted from the tobacco plant. Whether extracted from the tobacco plant, or created in a laboratory environment, the nicotine molecule has the same chemical structure C10H14N2 – 10 carbon atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms, and 2 nitrogen atoms.

What makes tobacco free nicotine special though, is the purity that can be achieved (99.9% pure) and the unlimited scalability with minimal impact on the environment, which cannot be said about nicotine derived from a tobacco plant.

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Pod Juice and Hyde have collaborated, delivers mouthwatering flavors from Hyde Disposables in a new Pod Juice Nic Salt collection for user to enjoy.

Select Vape Presents “Pod Juice x Hyde Synthetic Nicotine Nic Salt – Mix And Match (2 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 2 different Pod Juice x Hyde 60ml Synthetic Nicotine Nic Salt giving you 60ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (2 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab both in your favorite flavor or try them individually!

Blue Razz Cotton Candy

Select Vape presents Blue Razz Cotton Candy Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Discover a rich, flavorful synthetic nicotine blend of zesty blue raspberries complimented by soft cotton candy notes to uplift the senses. Every vape hit you take captures satisfying notes of tangy blue raspberry cotton candy, instantly captivating the taste buds.

Fuji Apple Freeze

Select Vape presents Fuji Apple Freeze Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Experience a chilling blend consisting of rich crispy Fuji Apples elevated into new heights with icy cool menthol for a truly delightful fruity menthol all day vape. This combination of flavors creates an enjoyable and balanced sensation that will make you want to come back for more.

Jewel Mango Freeze

Select Vape presents Jewel Mango Freeze Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Discover Jewel Mango Freeze Nic Salt, a sought after synthetic nicotine blend featuring sweet tropical mangos juiced into mouthwatering succulent nectar, paired with chilling menthol.

Jewel Mint Ice

Select Vape presents Jewel Mint Ice Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Invigorate the senses with a blizzard of sweet loose mint with freezing menthol, delivering a smooth refreshing sensation with every puff you take. This flavor is perfect for those seeking a rejuvenating, relaxing sensation without any prominent flavors.

Lemon Bar

Select Vape presents Lemon Bar Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Enjoy a freshly baked lemon bar with strong sweet and sour lemons that will instantly make your lips pucker with joy. Each and every puff you take provides an unrivaled level of pure lemon flavor that is so delicious, it is worthy of being considered a premium fruity dessert all day vape flavor.

Peach Pear Freeze

Select Vape presents Peach Pear Freeze Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Enjoy the perfect combination of a fruity menthol all day vape with juicy peaches and crisp paired drenched in icy cool menthol. This flavor explodes with sweet fruity flavors, captivating the taste buds with each and every puff.

Pink Lemonade

Select Vape presents Pink Lemonade Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Refresh yourself on a hot, sunny day with a cool glass of sweet pink lemonade. This flavor is packed with the perfect amount of zesty lemon flavor, perfect for a summertime and sunrise vibe at any given time.

Tropical Nectar

Select Vape presents Tropical Nectar Nic Salt by (Pod Juice). Experience a trifecta of delectable succulent fruits with tropical guava, ripe pineapples and juicy oranges. This summertime flavor instantly brings you to the tropics as each fruity flavor blends together in perfect unison.

Flavor Profile:

  • Blue Razz Cotton Candy
    • Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
  • Fuji Apple Freeze
    • Fuji Apple with Menthol
  • Jewel Mango Freeze
    • Mango with Menthol
  • Jewel Mint Ice
    • Mint and Menthol
  • Lemon Bar
    • Lemon Bar Dessert
  • Peach Pear Freeze
    • Peach, Pear and Menthol
  • Pink Lemonade
    • Pink Lemonade Beverage
  • Tropical Nectar
    • Guava, Orange, Pineapple

You Receive:

  • (2) 30ml bottles of Pod Juice x Hyde Synthetic Nicotine Nic Salt – flavor of your choice

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