Proposition 31 (California Flavor Ban) is for in-person sales. This law DOES not apply to online sales for flavored tobacco products. California residents can still order flavored vape products online. Can I still buy vape products online in California? Yes!

What is Proposition 31 (CA Flavor Ban) ?
As of 12/21/22 you can no longer purchase ANY flavored tobacco products in California for in-person sales in a retail establishment. Flavored tobacco products are any tobacco product that includes characterizing flavors other than “tobacco flavor”. This includes Vape Juice, Disposable Vape Devices, Flavored cigars, Menthol Cigarettes, Snus, etc.. The law states that you can no longer purchase these products in store.
What can I still buy in-store in California?
“Proposition 31” only bans in-person sales for flavored tobacco products. You can still purchase open system devices, vape accessories, marijuana devices, accessories, or “tobacco flavored” liquids and/or pre-filled “tobacco Flavor” disposable devices. If you want to continue to buy vapor products in store you will not be allowed to purchase any nicotine containing devices or liquids that have any characterizing flavors other than “Tobacco Flavor”.
I am a adult over the age of 21+ and I rely on flavored vapor products so I don’t have to go back to smoking deadly combustible cigarettes. I don’t like tobacco flavor so what are my options?
Proposition 31 ONLY bans in-person sales for flavored tobacco products. This law does NOT include online sales. You as a California resident can still purchase flavored vapor products online from reputable vape retailers and have these products shipped to your home. Online sales were exempt from this bill since there are already harsh laws in place that online vape vendors like have to abide by. California requires all online vendors to adhere to the “Stake Act” law which requires online sellers to have age verification at checkout on their website, require adult signature upon delivery, and keep records of all online transactions to adults over the age of 21+. Once California passed the “Stake Act” for online sellers shipping to California residents they noticed that youth pivoted from online to purchasing flavored tobacco products in store. The bill creator for Proposition 31 referenced this while creating this bill which is why he exempted online sales to CA adult residents 21+ and only banned in-person sales for flavored tobacco products.
What does this mean for California Vapors?
The passing of Proposition 31 is unfortunate for adult vapors that utilize flavors as a harm reduction tool to stay away from smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately you can no longer walk into a retail establishment and purchase these life saving products. The good news is that you can still purchase these products online and have them shipped to your home as long as the vendor you are purchasing from is following all state and federal laws. Make sure you are buying from reputable online vendors like
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How quickly will I receive my order?
If you are a CA resident and you live in Orange County you will receive your order within 1-2 business days. is your best solution to the CA flavor ban. Order online today and receive FREE shipping with any order over $125+. We recommend purchasing in bulk since shipping costs are slightly higher while purchasing vape products online due to us having to use private carriers and we are required to collect adult signature upon delivery of your package.
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