Mamasan Eliquid – Mix and Match (2 Pack) 120ml


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Select Vape Presents “Mamasan Eliquid– Mix And Match (2 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 2 different Mamasan 60ml Eliquid giving you 120ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (2 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab both in your favorite flavor or try them individually!

Apple Peach Strawberry

Select Vape presents Apple Peach Strawberry Eliquid by (Mamasan). Experience a mouthwatering sensation of irresistibly sweet fruity hard candy comprising of green apple, strawberry and peach flavor with a hint of cool menthol. The inhale takes in the trifecta of fruity flavors alongside a hard candy base that will brighten your day. The exhale perfectly compliments the initial flavors with a smooth breeze of refreshing menthol.

Mango Lychee

Select Vape presents Mango Lychee Eliquid by (Mamasan). Enrich yourself with a unique blend of sweet tropical mangoes with succulent exotic lychee for a truly delightful summertime flavor. This flavorful combination of fruity flavors bursts with intense but natural flavors, impacting your palette with a barrage of delicious mango and lychee notes.

Guava Peach

Select Vape presents Guava Peach Eliquid by (Mamasan). Guava Pop features a delightful aromatic Asian guava flavor with a sweet peach candy accent, creating a remarkable fruity vaping experience. The inhale takes in ripe Asian guavas that captivate the taste buds, tingling with excitement. The exhale blends satisfying peach candy flavor with the initial guava, delivering an astounding refreshing all-day vape.


Select Vape presents Cereal Eliquid by (Mamasan). Satisfy your cravings in the morning with a fresh bowl of fruity cereal drenched with cold milk; providing a quality cereal inspired vaping experience. The inhale takes in crunchy rainbow colored cereal that caresses the palette to perfection. The exhale intertwines with the initial flavors with a silky smooth milk flavor, completing the profile.

Taro Cheesecake

Select Vape presents Taro Cheesecake Eliquid by (Mamasan). Enjoy a slice of freshly baked traditional Japanese cheesecake with sweet purple yams, bringing joy to your taste buds at any given time. Every puff you take delivers a velvety creamy cheesecake flavor that slowly intensifies in a creamy richness.

Honeydew Melon

Select Vape presents Honeydew Melon Eliquid by (Mamasan). Refresh yourself with succulent honeydew melons with rich vanilla-flavored milk, instantly putting a smile on your face with every puff you take. The inhale brings forth a luxurious freshness from sweet honeydew followed up with silky icy cold milk on the exhale.

Flavor Profile:

  • Apple Peach Strawberry
    • Apple, Peach, Strawberry Hard Candy with Menthol
  • Mango Lychee
    • Mango, Lychee
  • Guava Peach
    • Asian Guava with Peach Candy
  • Cereal
    • Rainbow Colored Fruity Cereal with Milk
  • Taro Cheesecake
    • Japanese Cheesecake with Yams
  • Honeydew Melon
    • Honeydew Melon and Vanilla Milk

You Receive:

  • (2) 60ml bottles of Mamasan Eliquid – flavor of your choice

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