Select Vape Nic Salts OR Select Vape Nicotine Salts have become all the craze for adult ex smokers who are looking for a delicious nicotine salt to fill up in their pod systems or ultra portable vape devices. Shortly after free based nicotine became popular on the market devices started becoming smaller and thus nicotine salts OR “Nic Salts” were born. This was a way for vapers to fill their devices with a nicotine based liquid that contained higher amounts of nicotine in a smaller form factor. Nicotine salts are perfect for vapers that want to be discreet and dont necessarilly want the “Clouds” or alot of vapor production when exhaling on their devices. Nicotine salts have become a staple in the industry for adult smokers who are looking for a discreet way to vape but also achieve their desired nicotine levels. We formulated our nicotine salts “Nic Salts” to appeal to the masses. Our nic salts include flavors like Fruit , Candy , and Menthol and tobacco flavors. “Puckerita” is the perfect candy vape with menthol. “The Clique on Ice” is the perfect Summer Fruit with Menthol Vape flavor. “Stryker” is the perfect sweet tobacco flavor with hints of vanilla and cigar. “Gummie Lyfe” is our number one selling nicotine salt that consists of “Mixed Berry Sour Gummie Worms”. “Killa Nilla” is for all the custard lovers! Killa Nilla is the ultimate vanilla custard nicotine salt. All of our nicotine salts come in .35% or .50% nicotine variants. These levels are for adult ex smokers who are looking to either maintain their vaping or transition over from regular traditional cigarettes. Take a look at our nicotine salt combo deals and save big time! The more Select Vape Nic Salt bottles you buy the more you save!

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