Select Vape’s Replacement Vape Tank Coils

Replacement coils are the heart of the vaporizing system in any vape device. Coils are responsible for heating the e-liquid to create vapor and are integral to the overall vaping experience. Over time, coils degrade and accumulate residue, affecting the taste and amount of vapor produced. Replacing old coils with new ones ensures the device performs efficiently, providing a clean, flavorful vape experience. Different types of coils can also modify the vape’s performance, with variations in ohm ratings and coil configurations offering differences in heating speed, flavor intensity, and cloud production.

Benefits of Buying Replacement Tank Coils

Every vaper needs replacement coils, regardless of how frequently they vape. Regular coil replacement is crucial for maintaining the device’s performance and ensuring the quality of the vapor remains high. New coils are especially beneficial for vapers, as they prioritize flavor purity and optimal vapor production. They are also ideal for users experimenting with various e-liquid flavors and avoiding flavor carry-over from old coils.

How Long Do Replacement Vape Tank Coils Last?

The lifespan of vape coils varies depending on usage, the type of e-liquid, and the wattage at which you vape. On average, a coil might last anywhere from one to four weeks. Signs that it’s time to change your coil include a burnt taste, reduced vapor production, or leaking from the tank. Using sweeter e-liquids or vaping at a high wattage can lead to a faster buildup of residue and quicker coil deterioration.

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