Select Vape’s RDA/RTDA Vape Tanks

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) and Rebuildable Tank Dripping Atomizers (RTDAs) are popular among vapers who prefer customizing their vaping experience. RTDAs combine the convenience of a tank with the customizable coil setup of an RDA, offering a reservoir for e-liquid while still delivering rich flavor and substantial vapor.

RDA Vs. RDTA Vape Tanks

Both types allow for extensive customization, making them ideal for vapers who enjoy fine-tuning their experience, although there are subtle differences.

What Are RDA Vape Tanks?

RDAs are designed for vapers who prefer to manually drip e-liquid directly onto the coils and wick as needed. They do not have a tank to hold e-liquid; instead, the simplicity of their design allows for maximum flavor and vapor production, as the e-liquid is vaporized almost immediately after application. RDAs are known for their exceptional flavor output and cloud production.

What Are RDTA Vape Tanks?

RDTAs combine the features of RDAs and traditional tank systems. Like RTAs, they provide a tank to store e-liquid but allow the user to drip e-liquid onto the coils directly. This design caters to vapers who want the convenience of a tank but prefer the fresh flavor experience of dripping.

Benefits of Using RDA/RDTA Vape Tanks

RDA and RDTA tanks are best suited for advanced vapers who want complete control over their vaping hardware and the building process. They appeal to DIY enthusiasts who enjoy constructing coils and configuring their setup to exact specifications for the best possible flavor and vapor production. RDAs are particularly favored by flavor chasers and cloud enthusiasts who attend competitions.

Select Vape’s Top Picks for RDA/RDTA Vape Tanks

At Select Vape, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated selection of advanced vape tanks, including some of the market’s top RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). RTAs appeal to those who enjoy the customization of building their coils with the convenience of a tank reservoir for e-liquid. Here’s a closer look at two standout RTAs from our collection, each known for its exceptional design and performance.

Wotofo Profile X RTA Tank

The Wotofo Profile X RTA Tank is perfect for vapers who are serious about cloud production and flavor. It combines the beloved mesh coil system with a user-friendly build deck accommodating single and dual coil configurations. The Profile X RTA is renowned for its innovative airflow design, which allows air to hit the coils directly, delivering stronger flavor and vapor production. Its spacious build deck and the ease of installing mesh or standard coils make it a favorite among beginners and experienced builders.

Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

The Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA stands out for its versatility and superior vaping performance. This tank has a dual airflow system that allows for top and bottom airflow adjustments, providing a customizable vaping experience ranging from tight, flavorful draws to open, airy clouds. The Fat Rabbit features an ample build deck that supports single and dual coil configurations, making it suitable for various vaping styles. Its strong build and leak-resistant design ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable vaping experience, no matter how you build.

The RTA and RTD vape tanks are excellent choices for vapers who value precision, customization and control over their vaping experience. Their versatile build decks and airflow systems allow for a tailored vape session and ensure it is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

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