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Bubblers seamlessly merge the portability of handheld glass pipes with the functionality of larger glass bongs. At Select Vape, we proudly showcase these versatile smoking devices, offering a fun, efficient, and compact way to enjoy your favorite herbs or concentrates. Bubblers are some of our most sought-after products, and their appeal lies in their ability to deliver the sleek convenience of a hand pipe alongside the advanced water filtration technology found in bongs and dab rigs. Our extensive selection of options for dry herbs and concentrates encompasses various styles, colors, and brands. All bubblers featured on our online smoke shop are crafted from thick, high-grade scientific glass, meticulously inspected for quality, and guaranteed to enhance your smoking experience.

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What Is a Bubbler?

A bubbler pipe is a smoking pipe that combines elements of traditional pipes and miniature bongs. It features a compact design with a bowl for dry herb consumption and a water chamber for filtration and cooling of the smoke. This design provides smokers with a portable alternative to larger bongs while delivering smoother hits associated with water filtration. The bubbler water pipe offers a balanced compromise between the convenience of a pipe and the enhanced smoking experience afforded by a bong, making it a versatile choice for enthusiasts seeking both portability and functionality in their smoking accessories.

Types of Bubblers

Bubbler Pipe

A bubbler pipe is a handheld smoking device that resembles a traditional pipe but incorporates water filtration like a bong. It usually consists of a bowl for placing dry herbs, a stem, a water chamber, and a mouthpiece. Bubbler pipes are designed for portability and convenience, making them ideal for individual or small-group sessions.

Water Bubbler

A water bubbler is a smoking device typically larger and more elaborate than a bubbler pipe. It often features a more intricate design and may include additional features such as percolators for enhanced filtration. Water bubblers are usually used for more extended smoking sessions and among larger groups due to their larger size and capacity. Thanks to the water filtration system, they offer a smoother smoking experience compared to traditional pipes.

Weed Bubbler

A weed bubbler is a smoking device designed for cannabis, featuring water filtration for a smoother experience than dry pipes. These bubblers include a water chamber, bowl, stem, and mouthpiece, offering a convenient way to enjoy water-filtered cannabis.

Glass Bubbler

Glass bubblers merge the portability of a handheld pipe with a bong's filtration, using a glass chamber to cool and filter smoke for a purer flavor. They are appreciated for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and flavor preservation.

Silicone Bubblers

Silicone bubblers are known for their durability and flexibility, perfect for outdoor use due to their resistance to breakage. With a design similar to glass bubblers, they provide a rugged, easy-to-clean option for those valuing portability and durability.

Mini Bubbler

Mini bubblers offer the water filtration benefits of their larger counterparts but in a smaller, more portable form. Ideal for discreet use or travel, they deliver smoother hits without the bulkiness of full-sized devices.

Hammer Bubbler

Hammer bubblers combine the shape of a hammer pipe with the functionality of a bubbler, featuring a water chamber for smooth hits and stability. This design makes it a favored choice for its unique combination of form and function.

Double Bubbler

Double bubblers enhance the smoking experience with two chambers for superior water filtration, providing an even smoother hit. This design adds an extra level of cooling and filtration, making for an improved smoking session.

Choosing the Right Bubbler

Choosing the right bubbler involves considering the size and portability you need, the material’s quality and specific features like percolators for filtration or ice catches for cool hits. Glass bubblers offer a clean taste and aesthetic appeal, while silicone options provide durability and flexibility. Carefully assessing your preferences, needs, and budget will help you select a bubbler that enhances your smoking experience and fits your lifestyle.

How to Use a Bubbler

1. Fill the chamber with water:

Remove the bowl from the bubbler and pour water into the chamber until it's filled to just below the opening of the downstem.

2. Grind your herb:

Use a grinder to break down your dry herb into smaller, more manageable pieces.

3. Pack the bowl:

Place a pinch of ground herb into the bowl of the bubbler, ensuring it's manageable to allow for airflow.

5. Control the airflow:

Use your finger to cover and uncover the carb hole (if your bubbler has one) to control the airflow and clear the chamber of smoke.

4. Ignite the herb:

Hold the bubbler firmly with one hand and bring the mouthpiece to your lips. Use a lighter or hemp wick to ignite the herb while simultaneously inhaling gently.

6. Inhale and enjoy:

Use your finger to cover and uncover the carb hole (if your bubbler has one) to control the airflow and clear the chamber of smoke.

7. Exhale and repeat:

Once you've filled the chamber with smoke, remove your finger from the carb hole and inhale any remaining smoke. Exhale and repeat the process as desired.

How to Clean a Bubbler

Cleaning a bubbler is essential for maintaining its performance and prolonging its lifespan. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to effectively clean your bubbler:

1. Gather your materials:

You'll need isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% concentration), coarse salt or rice, pipe cleaners or brushes, and warm water.

2. Empty the water:

Start by pouring out any remaining water from your bubbler into the sink or a container.

3. Disassemble the bubbler:

Remove detachable parts, such as the bowl and downstem, and set them aside.

4. Rinse with warm water:

Rinse the bubbler thoroughly with warm water to remove any loose debris and residue.

5. Prepare the cleaning solution:

In a container large enough to submerge your bubbler, mix isopropyl alcohol with coarse salt or rice. The alcohol will help dissolve resin and grime, while the salt or rice will act as an abrasive to scrub stubborn buildup.

6. Soak the bubbler:

Submerge the disassembled parts of the bubbler in the cleaning solution and let them soak for at least 30 minutes to loosen any stubborn residue.

7. Scrub and rinse:

After soaking, use pipe cleaners or brushes to scrub the interior and exterior of the bubbler, paying extra attention to hard-to-reach areas and stubborn spots. Rinse each part thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining residue.

8. Dry completely:

Allow all components of the bubbler to air dry completely before reassembling it.

9. Reassemble and enjoy:

Once dry, reassemble your bubbler and fill it with fresh water. Your bubbler is now clean and ready for your next smoke session! Regular cleaning is key to keeping your bubbler looking and performing its best, so aim to clean it after every few uses or when you notice a residue buildup. With proper maintenance, your bubbler will provide smooth, flavorful hits for years to come.

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