Five Pawns was established in 2012; drawing inspiration from a simple game of chess. Seven years later, Five Pawns Nic Salt has evolved into the premium E-liquid company in the vaping industry. Five Pawns has developed innovative complex lines of flavor profiles; each product line containing an ingredient mixture that satisfies each of the five traditional tastes: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Umami (savory). Five Pawns has released their Nic Salt line featuring their original flavors for pod systems. Some of Five Pawn’s most popular flavors are Gambit which delivers a classic mellow apple pie with flaky crust, sweet caramel, french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to Grandmaster with fresh cappuccino with Virginia tobacco, truffle cream and black walnuts. Five Pawns Nic Salt has become of the industry favorites for Nic Salt flavors out there.

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