If you are seeking satisfying fruity flavors complimented with smooth candy undertones, Hi-Drip Nic Salts is the one for you. Hi Drip Salt Nic offers unrivaled formulas of tasty profiles for vapor enthusiasts who enjoy blends that perfectly intertwine fruity and candy flavors. This brand provides a wide range of delicious flavors that include fruity ingredients such as Lychee, Sour Apple, Sweet Nectarine, Guava, Blood Orange, Pineapple etc. Hi-Drip Salts provides incredible fruit blends with a contrasting spectrum of flavors from sweet Dew Berry which consists of ripe honeydew and succulent strawberries to Island Orange that derives from zesty blood oranges and tropical pineapples. Generously packaged in two small 30ml chubby gorilla bottles, you will be able to enjoy Hi Drip Nic Salts’s delectable flavors for a long time!

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