Welcome to the Select Vape Loyalty Rewards Program!

Start Earning 3% Cash Back Rewards On All Purchases!

           NOTE: User must be logged into their account in order to earn and spend rewards.


How do I start earning points?

As long as you have a registered account with www.selectvape.com and you are logged into your account during your purchase, points will automatically be applied to your order at checkout. You can view your total earned points for each order prior to checking out by clicking the “Cart” icon and you will see how many points will be earned on your purchase. 

How do I view my points in my account?

Your points can be viewed anytime in your account by simply clicking “MY ACCOUNT”. Once you are in your account dashboard you will see a tab called “MY POINTS”. This is where you can view your total points collected and the total value of your points.

How do I spend my rewards?

Every time you make a purchase on www.selectvape.com you will earn rewards. Those rewards can be saved and you can continue to accumulate your rewards, or you can apply those rewards to your next order. Once you have rewards in your account you will automatically see a “Points Earned” tab at the top of your cart upon checkout. You will have the option to apply all of your rewards towards your new order, or you can apply a partial amount of rewards. 


For every $1 spent = 1 point

Example : For every 100 points = $3 $ (USD) Discount

  • Points are earned automatically for each purchase, and points can be used immediaetly on your next purchase.
  • There is no minimum amount of points that need to be collected prior to using your points.
  • Taxes and shipping charges are not calculated in points totals.
  • If a order is cancelled and refunded points will automatically be removed from customers account for the refunded order.

If you have any questions regarding our rewards program please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 949.932.0536 during regular business hours.

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