High Society – Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Waterpipe


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Purchase this item and get 209 Points - a worth of $6.27

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This product is intended to be used with dry herb.

Select Vape presents the Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Waterpipe by (High Society). The Cygnus water pipe is a standout offering within the Aelia Collection, distinguished by its exceptional blend of form and function. Crafted from pristine, crystal-clear German Schott Glass and adorned with vibrant hues courtesy of USA-made NorthStar glass, the Cygnus represents a harmonious fusion of avant-garde design and unparalleled functionality.

The Aelia Collection is renowned for its commitment to the science of smoking, and the Cygnus is no exception. It is meticulously designed for use with dried materials, recognizing that when flame meets your chosen material, the resulting smoke can often be excessively hot and harsh. This is where the Cygnus truly shines, offering an expansive water pipe design that grants ample space for the smoke to travel as you draw. This design choice results in a noticeably cooler and smoother smoking experience, elevating your sessions to new heights of comfort.

The Cygnus achieves this by ingeniously incorporating a fixed shower head into a bell perc dome, producing an abundance of bubbles that work wonders in cooling the smoke and enhancing each inhalation with a burst of exceptional flavor. It’s a game-changer in every sense, representing a true “hitter” in the world of smoking accessories.

See What Customers Are Saying:

  • “What drew me to the Cygnus Water Pipe is the aesthetics. It looks so pretty and produces really rich hits with full of flavor very time!”
  • “The Cygnus Water Pipe is a visual masterpiece that delivers incredibly smooth and flavorful hits. This is a must-have for any smoker!”

Features and Specs:

Features Color Glass by NorthStar USA

Fixed & Reinforced Wig/Wag UFO Perc into Bell Perc Dome w/ Heady Pendy

Comes with Premium Nebula Bowl

Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only.

Specs 15″ Tall

7mm Thick

18mm Female Downstem

German Schott Clear Glass

You Receive:

  • High Society – Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Waterpipe – color of your choice
    • Nebula Bowl

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