Ultra portable vapes are all the craze these days! They usually consist of smaller handheld devices that are made for nicotine salts and/or traditional eliquid. These ultra portable vape kits usually have lower power outputs and smaller batteries than traditional box mods and tanks. Nicotine salts have grown in popularity with Ultra portable vape kits since they contain higher amount of nicotine. Ultra portable vapes usually run anywhere between 4-40w depending on their power output. Since there is a lower power output in these ultra portable vapes, customers tend to use higher amounts of nicotine to offset the low power. This allows you to get satisfaction out of vaping without the big bulky box mods and huge vape clouds that come along with traditional eliquid and vape juices. Ultra portable vapes are great for portability, ease of use, and to be more discreet with your vaping habits. Since ultra portable vapes usually utilize nicotine salts with higher nicotine contents, there is no need for high powered devices or huge vape clouds. Since these devices are usually running at a lower power output than traditional vape kits or box mods, they dont require big bulky batteries to power them. This allows the user to have a small discreet vape that can last them all day long without draining your battery. We recommend ultra portable vape kits for any vaper that is looking for ease of use, discreet vaping, and a portable vape.


Some popular Ultra portable vape brands are Smoktech, geekvape, suorin , lost vape, and uwell. Ultra portable vapes come in many sizes and shapes. Traditional ultra portable vapes were in the shape of a “Pen”. These pen style vapes grew popularity quick because they were slim and compact. Quickly the industry started to realize that they wanted more battery life and extending that “Pen Style” vape would would ultimately get to long for a vaper. Over the past few years manufactures have been creating all new shapes and sizes to accomodate new vapers and allow them to put more features and battery life into their products. “Suorin” was one of the first manufactures to create a “Credit Card” size vape that was compact, slim, and fit well in the pocket. The “Suorin Air” was among the first Ultra portable vapes to make big waves in the industry and take these type of devices main stream. Still till this day alot of manufactures are modeling their ultra portable vapes off of the suorin air. The box / small credit card size vaporizers are growing quick in popularity over the pen style devices. Some of the best selling ultra portable devices on the market to date are the “Suorin Air” by suorin , “Orion Q” by Lost vape, and the “Nord” by smok. These devices are staples in the ultra portable vape world and they continue to innovate and build to this day based off of these core products. Check out our wide selection of ultra portable vape devices in this section and dont forget to look into our exclusive combo deals to save!

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