Ripe Vapes Nic Salt – Mix and Match (5 Pack) 150ml


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Select Vape Presents “Ripe Vapes Nic Salt – Mix And Match (5 Pack)”. This mix and match deal allows you to choose 5 different Ripe Vapes 30ml Nic Salt giving you 150ml under one amazing deal. This mix and match (5 Pack) is the perfect combination to satisfy that sweet craving! Grab all five in your favorite flavor or try them individually!

VCT Nic Salt

Introducing (Ripe Vape’s) famous “VCT” E-liquid in Nic Salt form; consisting of an authentic tobacco infused with toasted almonds and vanilla custard. Each hit delivers a rich and indulgent experiences with creamy vanilla flavor notes haromized with subtle tobacco and toasted almond undertones that is sure to provide absolute satisfaction. Ripe Vapes has done it right with creating a sweeten tobacco flavor that is unmatched in the industry. Try out “VCT Nic Salt” today and you will not regret it!

San Juan Nic Salt

“San Juan” features a luscious Caribbean tobacco that is sweet, rich in flavor and unbelievably smooth. Each vape hit delivers that robust nuttiness similar to a fine cigar. This Nic Salt is complimented with smoky and earthy flavor notes as the richness of the tobacco comes into contact with your tastebuds. Bring yourself to the Caribbean Islands with a bottle of “San Juan Nic Salt” today!

VCT Coconut

Select Vape presents VCT Coconut Nic Salt by (Ripe Vapes). Enjoy your vacation and soothe out your mind with a refreshing tobacco cigar complemented by a delicious combination of silky vanilla custard, sweet coconut flakes and toasted almonds. Every hit you take will leave your palette yearning for more and your mouth drooling from how amazing this flavor is. During the inhale, rich robust tobacco notes will captivate your taste buds. The exhale perfectly intertwines the tobacco notes with sweet vanilla custard undertones followed up coconut and almond accents.

VCT Chocolate

Select Vape presents VCT Chocolate Nic Salt by (Ripe Vapes). Experience Ripe Vape’s most decadent flavor combination yet with robust tobacco, smooth vanilla custard, freshly toasted almonds and rich milk chocolate blended together. The inhale introduces a rush of nutty tobacco with savory almond accents that perfectly envelops the tongue. The exhale is met with a burst of vanilla custard and sweet milk chocolate that elevates the flavor profile to new heights. This flavor is perfect for those who love chocolate with a delicious twist.

VCT Strawberry

Select Vape presents VCT Strawberry Nic Salt by (Ripe Vapes). Treat yourself out to a perfect fusion of robust tobacco mixed with toasty almonds, creamy vanilla custard and succulent strawberries after a long productive day. The inhale brings forth that satisfying blend of robust tobacco filled with nutty almond accents. The exhale soothes the palette with velvety vanilla custard and sweet strawberries that perfectly blends with the tobacco notes together.

VCT Bold

Select Vape presents VCT Bold Nic Salt by (Ripe Vapes). VCT Bold is a stronger renditon of the popular VCT flavor profile with a richer tobacco flavor complimented by nutty toasted almonds and silky vanilla custard. Every vape hit you take provides a satisfying, smooth throat hit with strong “bold” tobacco flavor while maintaining a balance with subtle, sweet almonds and custard. Like the original flavor, VCT Bold is perfect for those who love tobacco flavor profiles with a stronger tobacco essence.

Flavor Profile:

  • VCT Nic Salt
    • Authentic Tobacco with Roasted Almonds and Vanilla Custard
  • San Juan Nic Salt
    • Carribbean Cigar
  • VCT Chocolate
    • Authentic Tobacco with Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Custard and Milk Chocolate
  • VCT Strawberry
    • Authentic Tobacco with Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Custard and Strawberry
  • VCT Bold
    • Authentic BOLD Robust Tobacco with Roasted Almonds and Vanilla Custard
  • VCT Coconut
    • Authentic Tobacco with Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Custard and Coconut Shavings

You Receive:

  • (5) 30ml bottles of Ripe Vapes Nic Salt of your choice

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