Know Your MOD Types: Unregulated and Regulated MODs

When you’re looking to buy your first MOD, understanding the terminology and the right specifications for it can be difficult. There are some major differences between unregulated and regulated MODs that are necessary to understand to pick the right one for your vaping preferences.

The first major difference between a regulated MOD and an unregulated one is the inclusion of a circuit board. At its most basic, a regulated MOD is your everyday vaping device with some extra customizable features. The circuit board is there to regulate how much current passes through the device at any given time, keeping the device from overheating and malfunctioning. On the other hand, an unregulated MOD has no circuit board – meaning that any current can pass through the device unless you keep it in check.

While both regulated and unregulated MODs are great choices if you’re looking for a more powerful vaping device, one or the other will be much better depending on your vaping habits. Regulated MODs are great for those just starting to get into DIY methods and tweaking of vaping parts. Since MODs are meant to have parts added and removed, you will end up making some amazing choices for parts – and some not so amazing choices, with parts that try to pull too much current from the battery. The circuit board in the regulated MOD keeps you from completely ruining the device with those not-so-great choices, as it keeps the current level under its healthy maximum. There’s also some flexibility of customizability within the regulated MOD class, as you can have variable voltage and variable wattage devices that let you set your desired power levels above and beyond what any other device is capable of.

Unregulated MODs are the far superior choice if you are already an experienced vaper who is trying to get into sub-ohming or any of the more powerful, cloud-producing styles of vaping. In fact, your local vape shop’s employees all probably use unregulated MODs. Having no circuit board means that the device will power literally any atomizer, coil, or new technology with no regard for the type of wire used and the resistance of the wire. To use one of these devices, you must be extremely knowledgeable about which atomizer and coils you are using. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to exchange these parts in and out, creating a potentially different experience each time you go for a vaping session. Though you’ll need to be far more careful about how you add and remove parts, using an unregulated MOD can be more rewarding than vaping with any other device you own.

Not only do unregulated MODs produce more vapor when used correctly, they also can give deeper and richer flavor to your e-liquids. With proper maintenance and vigilance about the coil types you use, you’ll be able to fine-tune the device to perfectly match the temperature and speed at which the e-liquid gets heated and turned to vapor. This allows you to maximize the flavor profile of your e-liquids.

Unregulated MODs have even more flexibility in basic design than regulated MODs. The most common design is the mechanical mod, a device with a single battery and easy access to coils and atomizers. A less common device that is becoming more popular is the series MOD, which uses two or more batteries in series to obtain higher voltages. Though battery life is the same in these as in a mechanical MOD, the power is much higher. A more recent design that’s surging in popularity is the parallel MOD, where multiple batteries are used in parallel to obtain a higher maximum current and longer battery life.

No matter whether you choose a regulated or unregulated MOD, your vaping experience will be better than ever. If you’re less experienced, a regulated MOD is probably a better choice. If you like tinkering and are good with voltage, resistance, and amperage, then an unregulated MOD is a great purchase to really get you into the DIY vaping scene.

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