Refrigeration and E-Liquids Aren’t a Good Match

If you regularly vape, it is understandable why you would want to preserve your e-juice. It might be logical to do this; milk and many food products are mandatory to refrigerate because they will spoil as they do not. Some people refrigerate batteries so that they will keep their charge better. Refrigerating candles can help them keep their way as they burn and drip less. Refrigerating glue and keeping it at a consistent temperature will optimize its performance as it will not dry as a quickly. Nail Polish in the refrigerator will help the product from creating unnecessary clumps. There are reasons why you shouldn’t refrigerate your e-juice.

The nicotine (if the e-liquid contains it) can be sensitive to light and heat for any product. Storing the bottle of e-liquid in a refrigerator can make it spoil and the experience for your vape will spoil. There may be an exception if you have a refrigerator with a temperature and light control. However, that option isn’t optimal because all your other foods will likely spoil since they would have to be at a cool temperature. Practically speaking, you would want to put in a place that is under room temperature like a basement or a cooler. Flavor, is also big reason. You would be wasting your money and it would negate the purpose of buying e-juice if the flavor is spoiled. There are different reasons as to why your flavor changes, but this one might be the most accidental. There is a scientifically explanation for this, the re-crystallization of the crystals will occur when you refrigerate them and not give you the taste you were expecting. A factor of refrigerating thing your e-juices is condensation. On your bottle of the e-juice, water will condense on the walls. In most refrigerators there is microbial bacteria. If this is the case, the bacteria will expand and destroy your e-liquid.

So, to reiterate, preserving your e-juice in a refrigerator isn’t the most optimal method and shouldn’t be used unless you have an alternative option. It will negatively impact the flavor, and cause things that weren’t intended to users of the juice. The juice can be stored in places that are usually cooler than room temperature, such as a closet, or temperature controlled cooler.

The thing that is special about vape juice is that different flavors use different ingredients, and won’t all be preserved under the same conditions. A flavor like vanilla will have other properties from a fruit or menthol player. Molecules with any other liquid will not escape or move quickly in a cool environment. In a hot environment, the molecules will get faster and try harder to escape the bottle. There are some other tools you may have at home such as a special bag or jar that will help to preserve the jar in a closet or platform. Bags like HDPE will keep the juices flavors and plastic chemicals separate, so they do not affect the taste.

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