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Add V Carta 2 Intelli-Core Atomizers?

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This product is intended to be used with Wax and/or Concentrates.

Select Vape presents the Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer by (Focus V Carta). Discover the Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer, an upgraded rendition of the popular Focus V Carta, featuring cutting edge technology embedded within a smart rig that is geared towards the future of vaporizing. The Carta 2 utilizes an enlarged atomizer with a 360 degree heating element alongside optimized airflow. This rig is equipped with an OLED display screen that displays essential information in real time. The Focus V Carta 2 uses a mobile app which enables the user to have absolute control with seamless response times as well as a sleek aesthetic that is easier to navigate around. The RGB LEDs implemented in the Carta 2 is highly customize-able ranging in different modes such as pulse, flashing and glowing. The Intelli-Core atomizer included in this kit cater towards concentrates along with an innovative heating profile, delivering the maximum vapor production as well as elevated customization and control.

Compatible Accessories:

See What Customers Are Saying:

  • “Very Satisfied with the Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer. The LEDs really make a difference! Awesome visuals and solid hits all around!”
  • “The Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer is now my go-to E-rig. Great quality for such a good deal too!”

Features and Specs:

Features Intelli-Core Technology

OLED Display Screen

Focus V Carta 2 App

LED RGB Lights

10000mAh Integrated Battery

Ergonomic Base

Wireless Charging

Haptic Feedback

4 Preset Temperatures

Concentrate E-Rig

Temperature Control to the single degree with App

Specs USB Type-C Port

Borosilicate Glass Bubbler

Heating Style: Conductive

360 Degree Heating Atomizer

Heat Grade Plastic Polymer Chassis

You Receive:

  • Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer
    • Intelli-Core Atomizer for Concentrates
    • Intelli-Core Cap & Sleeve
    • Intelli-Core Sleeve
    • Shoudler Carrying Bag
    • Travel Silicone Stopper
    • Dab Tool
    • USB Type-C Cable

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