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Select Vape presents the Focus V Carta Atomizer by Focus V. These atomizers are compatible with the Focus V Carta Vaporizer.

The Focus V Carta Dry Herb Atomizer is utilized with your dry herb products and constructed with quality ceramic material. This atomizer preserves that delicious flavor profile from flower while delivering smooth, substantial amounts of potency. Simply back the bowl with your favorite dry herbs and enjoy!

The Focus V Carta Everlast Atomizer provides a titanium bucket, capable of holding heat longer so the user would not have to keep firing up the device. This atomizer is compatible with only concentrates of your choice.

Compatible Device:

See What Customers Are Saying:

  • “Happy with the Focus V Carta Atomizers! I ended up buying both because depending on the day, I would either smoke dry herbs or concentrates. I used to have two different devices for it but now after getting the Focus V Carta and these atomizers, I don’t have to worry anymore. Quality design. Great price. Great service Select Vape!”
  • “I have been using the atomizer that comes with the Focus V Carta Vaporizer but soon I realized how much I love vaping dry herbs. Very happy that they brought out an option for dry herb use with the The Focus V Carta Dry Herb Atomizer!”
  • “My friend lost the atomizer that came with the kit was lost so I ended up purchasing the The Focus V Carta Everlast Atomizer and I have to say, this one is WAY better than the one that came with the kit. Very happy with the results!”

Features and Specs:

Focus V Carta Dry Herb Atomizer

Features Dry Herb Compatibility
Specs Ceramic Bowl Chassis

Focus V Carta Everlast Atomizer


Concentrates Compatibility

Holds Heat Longer

Specs Titanium Bucket

You Receive:

  • Focus V Carta Atomizer – option of your choice

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