Lucy Nicotine Breakers (5 Pack)


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  • – Each can of breakers contains 15 tobacco free pouches
  • – Not an FDA-approved smoking cessation aid.
  • – Not intended to be used to quit smoking.


Select Vape presents the Lucy Nicotine Breakers by (Lucy). Break free from your old nicotine routine and embark on a refreshingly hydrating journey with the Lucy Nicotine Breakers. These innovative pouches take nicotine enjoyment to a whole new level, offering you a unique and exhilarating experience that sets them apart from the rest. Just like the Lucy Nicotine pouches, Lucy Breakers are loaded with pure nicotine and captivating flavors. Each Breakers pouch contains a single, tiny, jewel-like capsule. When you’re ready for an extra burst of flavor and hydration, simply break open this capsule, and you’ll be greeted with an invigorating flood of taste and moisture. It’s a true breakthrough in pouch technology and a feature you’ll find exclusively with Lucy. Each can of Breakers provides 15 of these exceptional, tobacco-free pouches, ready to accompany you on your nicotine journey. These are designed to enhance your nicotine experience and provide a thrilling twist to your daily routine.

** Lucy employs a distinctive Nicotine Resinate formula for the controlled release of nicotine. This Nicotine Resinate is created by binding nicotine to an ion-exchange resin. The utilization of this resinate as a delivery mechanism optimizes the quantity of nicotine that is gradually released and absorbed by the oral mucosa.

See What Customers Are Saying:

  • “They work really well! I got the 8mg variety pack and the mango and apple ice are super good.”
  • “This product is superior to other nicotine pouches. I love that it doesn’t leave my mouth dry and tingly, and the flavor is unmatched. As a casual user Lucy Breakers are the now only product I’ll settle for!

Flavor Profile:

  • Berry Citrus
  • Apple Ice
  • Mango
  • Mint

How to Use:

Just open one, pop it into your mouth, and position it between your lip and teeth. Many users find the top lip, just above the front teeth, to be the sweet spot. You might notice a slight tingling sensation, especially during your first few experiences with Breakers.

When you’re eager for an extra burst of flavor, all it takes is a gentle squeeze to break open the flavor capsule between your teeth. Once that’s done, simply return the pouch to your preferred spot, and you’re ready to enjoy the rush of taste and satisfaction.

You Receive:

  • Lucy Nicotine Breakers (5 Pack) – flavor of your choice

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