Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft

Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft at Select Vape

Getting a quality wire is one step to achieving a satisfactory vaping experience. If you are an advanced vaper and have been building coils for some time, then you can understand what I mean. Getting an elastic wire that is easy to bend and build, and at the same time a great conductor of heat, then you have got yourself a good one. One thing we can all agree on is that Nichrome is a great coil material, especially, for sub-ohm vaping. And, one of the best Nichrome wires is the Anarchist Competitive Wire 15ft which can be found at Select Vape.

Anarchist Competition Wire 15ftThe Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft, as the name states, is one of the most competitive wires that we have in the vaping industry today. It is ideal for advanced vapers who love to chase the clouds, and compete while at it. The Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft is made of Nichrome. Thus, it heats up faster than Kanthal wires. Therefore, vapers do not have to wait long before enjoy the flavor and vaper. Also, unlike Kanthal, this Nichrome wire tends to hold heat longer. This is in addition to having a lower resistance per square meter, as compared with Kanthal. This makes it ideal for cloud chasing, which is one of the most sought-after factors in sub-ohm vaping.

The Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft is available in a varying number of gauges. It comes in 24gauge, 22gauge, 20gauge, and 18gauge. Hence, can be used with different devices that have varying build complexities. Also, its ideal for a vaper to choose a gauge based on the ohm that they need to achieve.

One thing that you are bound to enjoy with the Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft, is its ease of building. It is easier to bend than most wires available on the market. However, you need to be an experienced vaper for you to have a smooth experience with this wire.

To take your sub-ohm vaping to the next level, get the Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft at Select Vape at an affordable rate between $16 and $20.

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