Octave Terp Timer


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Select Vape presents the Octave Terp Timer by (Octave). The Octave Terp Timer is a desktop temperature gauge that allows the user to properly read your banger’s temperature. To use this device, simply set the temperature on the Terp Timer by Octave and then place the banger right above it. You can coordinate the connection between your banger and the Octave Terp Timer by using its Laser Target for proper precision. The Laser Target utilizes an infrared thermo sensor to read the most accurate temperature. Once the temperature of your banger matches the setting from the Octave Terp Timer, the device’s alarm will trigger, notifying the user that their vaporizer is ready for use.

Octave’s Terp Timer comes with an integrated 1000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts about 2-3 months before needing to be recharged. This device also provides a 20-minute auto shutoff functionality in case you forget to turn off the device. The Octave Terp Timer’s temperature settings range from 60-1500F, allowing it to be versatile to a myriad of preferences for dabbing. Overall the Octave Terp Timer is a great addition to assist you during your sessions.

See What Customers Are Saying:

  • “100% worth the money. Thing is flawless and works just as well as a dab rite. Comes with a 10 year warranty, it’s solid and sturdy, accurate, and has a battery life of like 2 months or more.”
  • “The Octave Terp Timer works amazing if you need help taking the perfect temperature dab so you aren’t hurting your throat. The quality was amazing as well and very sturdy, love the magnetic piece on the bottom as well. Super sleek and not too big!”

Features and Specs:

Features Integrated 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery

Temperature Gauge and Accuracy

Laser Target

Satisfaction Guaranteed

10 Year Warranty

Color Changing Screen

Embossed Magnetic Base

Improved UI

Specs Temperature Range: 60 to 1500F

Distance to Spot Ratio: 2:1

MicroUSB Port

Sensor Height from Base: 3 5/32″

Device Height:  3 5/8″

How to Use:

  • Turn on the Octave Terp Timer by pressing the power button (in the front) for 3 seconds.
  • Choose your degree type: Press both arrow buttons together to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Set the alarm: Use the set button and arrows to turn the alarm on and off. We recommend you use the alarm, because that way you don’t need to be staring at the LED screen all the time. It will just beep when it’s ready.
  • Set your desired temperature: Press the set button again and then use the arrows to adjust it to your favorite dabbing temperature.
  • Torch your banger.
  • Place the Octave Terp Timer under your banger using the laser to align it properly.
  • Prep your dab while you wait or do whatever. The Octave will beep when your banger has reached the right temperature.
  • When the alarm sounds, go take a dab!
  • Enjoy the perfect dabbing experience.

You Receive:

  • Octave Terp Timer
    • MicroUSB Cable
    • User Manual

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