Seven Reasons Why Select Vape is Right For You

[nitro_dropcaps color=”#ffffff” style=”square-solid” bg_color=”#8c8c8c” dropcaps_custom_id=”nitro_custom_css_1012889473″ dropcaps=”V” text=”aping has quickly become the method of choice to curb tobacco addiction among men and women who have struggled in vain using other methods. According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control, more than nine million people in the U.S. use vape kits and products. The popularity of electronic cigarettes has given rise to legions of companies selling vape pens, ejuice, and other vape products and accessories. Some of these companies are solid corporate citizens – providing great products at competitive prices. Other companies are less trustworthy, selling unreliable and sometimes dangerous products to consumers.”]

girl-vaping-at-deskSelect Vape is a relatively new company that has quickly established an excellent reputation for selling dependable and safe vaping products, including vape pens, vape juice, chargers and batteries, vape pens, and much more. Select Vape aims to become one of the most trusted names in vaping and has invested heavily in building the capacity to offer an affordable product that people can use to wean themselves off smoking while still enjoying nicotine.

Vaping Phenomenon

Vaping has quickly caught on, and it’s rare to go anywhere without seeing someone using a vape pen. The CDC reports that 3.7 percent of American adults use e-cigarettes or vaping pens regularly. Independent research by Public Health England has concluded that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

The study found that vaping is up to 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco. Research continues into the safety of vaping compared to tobacco use, but the PHE study and similar studies are heartening to many people who are using vape pens to taper off their smoking habit. CDC figures show that at least half of current tobacco smokers have tried e-cigarettes.

Why Select Vape

Select Vape has a lot of great incentives to offer consumers. Shopping from a brand they can trust will help consumers avoid being ripped off by fly-by-night vaping companies that use substandard equipment. For consumers who are curious about Select Vape’s strengths, consider the following:

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Tobacco use has been found to kill more than 500,000 people per year in the U.S. as a result of cigarette smoking-related illnesses such as lung cancer and emphysema. Vaping has been found to be between 80 to 95 percent less dangerous than smoking tobacco, so for health conscious smokers who desire to quit smoking tobacco, vaping with Select Vape products is an excellent alternative.

More research still needs to be done regarding vaping’s efficacy in helping smokers quit, but a great preponderance of anecdotal evidence points to vaping being an effective tool.

  • Great flavors – One of the things vapers enjoy about their habit is the wide range of flavors available. Select Vape is always adding new flavors to its product line and also keeps the flavors that customers have come to know and love.
  • Lower prices – While vaping is far less expensive than smoking tobacco products, it still carries costs. Once you’ve purchased your kit, your primary recurring cost will be vape juice. Select Vape takes care of its customers by providing a wide variety of ejuice at highly competitive prices. Vapers can scour the Internet for lower prices than Select Vape vape juice products, but chances are that the company’s competitors will very rarely have less expensive vape juice than Select Vape.
  • Conversation pieces – Vaping pens are a great way to get attention and strike up conversations. Vaping is a true community, and, when you’re in a new place, one of the quickest ways to bond with new friends is to share your enjoyment of vaping. Customized vaping pens are especially great conversation pieces, as their unique designs will draw interest and comment.

A Brief History of Vaping

Although vaping became common in the 2000s, the electronic cigarette technology has been around for decades. Various smokeless cigarettes were developed as early as the 1960s and 1970s, but failed to take off because the public was not concerned about the risks of cigarette smoking at the time and because of possible suppression of these products by tobacco interests.

The modern electronic cigarette was developed around 2001 by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who developed a high frequency, piezoelectric ultrasound emitting element that would vaporize liquid containing nicotine to develop inhalable vapor. Hon filed a patent for the device in 2003, and his invention helped set the stage for the modern vape revolution.

Although most e-cigarettes today use a battery-powered heating element instead of ultrasound, Hon’s invention is credited by many in the industry as the catalyst for the vaping revolution. Today, Hon is still at work adapting his invention and is currently working on hookah products.

Commercially viable electronic cigarettes made their way to the U.S in 2006, and became increasingly popular over the subsequent decade. Over the years, there has been some legislative and regulatory wrangling over vaping, but e-cigarettes are legal and appear to be on strong ground to remain legal. The Food and Drug Administration has taken some regulatory steps to prevent these products from being marketed toward minors, however.

Select Vape has quickly become a respected member of the vaping industry. Founded in 2013, the company has developed a reputation for quality vape kits and related products sold at low prices. Customer service is a huge part of Select Vape’s appeal, as customer service reps from Select Vape quickly respond to any and all communications from consumers. For great products at great prices, sold by great people, vaping enthusiasts should check out Select Vape today.

For great products at great prices, sold by great people, vaping enthusiasts should check out Select Vape today.

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