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Sub Ohm Vaping: What it Is and How it Can Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Sub ohm vape tanks have spread like wildfire through the vaping community and there is a good reason why. It creates far larger clouds than any other vape while producing much more flavor. But what is sub ohm vaping and what made it so well regarded even by seasoned vape users? Let’s see.

Why is sub ohm vaping better?

Besides the big clouds, sub-ohm vaping has some other advantages over other vapes. This guide will help you understand what sub ohm vaping is and how it will improve your vaping experience.

·        Intense Flavor

Isn’t the whole point of vaping to enjoy the flavor deeply with each puff? Sub-ohm gives you just that, and it does it better than other types of vaping devices. Also, with sub-ohm vaping, you mostly inhale the vapor directly to your lungs. This enhances the experience of tasting the flavor.

·        More Airflow

With sub ohm vaping, you get greater unrestricted airflow directly to your lungs. They cool down the higher heat generated in the coil. As a result, you inhale a lot more vapor with this type of electronic cigarette.

·        Warmer Vape

The vapor produced by sub ohm vapes is generally warmer than from other vaping devices, due to the higher voltage of sub-ohm coils. Those who enjoy a warm and smooth vaping experience prefer this over other vaping varieties.

What is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is the real fun element of vaping. Filling the air with thick magnificent smoke clouds feels amazing for those who are into it. Cloud chasers are constantly trying to come up with new tricks to break their previous records of producing the biggest vapor clouds. Turns out, sub ohm vaping can easily create such voluminous clouds that otherwise would be impossible to produce.

Not all sub ohm vapers prefer cloud chasing, but all cloud chasers have to rely on sub ohm vaping to progress as a cloud chaser.

How Sub Ohm Vaping works?

Now that you know what sub ohm vaping is, you are probably wondering how it works to create enormous clouds stupendous amount of flavor?

The sub-ohm devices use lower resistance coils (less than 1 ohm) to really allow the flow of current, with a strong battery delivering a far more powerful vapor flow than other vaping devices. This method takes vaping to an entirely new level. Greater current through the coil means a higher heat level. This, in turn, produces significantly more vapor.

Other atomizer coils use resistance somewhere between 1.5 to 3 ohms. The term sub ohm itself means less than 1 ohm. This specialized approach has helped to greatly enhance the vaping experience.

Factors affecting the vaping experience

The end goal of vaping, for most vapers, is to inhale more vapor to better enjoy their favorite flavors. Production of more vapors is linked to faster heating caused by lower resistance. What are some factors that affect the sub ohm vaping experience?

·        Coil Resistance

Lesser resistance in the coil helps increase the flow of current. This is achieved by increasing the surface area in the atomizer coil. Thicker coils will help create more vapors for you.

·        Battery Voltage

An increase in the battery voltage at a fixed resistance would mean higher wattage. Higher wattage would produce more heat, thus boosting the vapor formation and enhancing the flavor. Batteries with high amp ratings are suitable for high wattages.

A sub ohm vaping chart can help you figure out what voltage to use for a given resistance, to produce the desired but safer magnitude of wattage.

·        Sub ohm vape juice

VG and PG are the two types of sugar alcohol liquids used in e-juices. Their properties make them suitable agents for creating vapor that can be inhaled. A good VP/PG ratio is vital to avoid that burnt taste in the sub ohm vape juice. However, for bigger clouds, you may use maximum VP vape juice as fuel for larger and denser clouds.

Best Wattage for Sub Ohm Vaping

You may use a mod with power above 40 watts for a satisfying experience. However, you can go further high up-to 200 watts or even more if you can handle it. Sub ohm vaping beginners are recommended to start with 10 watts before they move high up the scale.

DTL vs. MTL Vaping Types

There are two different types of vaping styles: DTL (direct to lung) and MTL (mouth to lung)

What is DTL vaping?

It refers to inhaling vapors directly to your lungs. It lets you exhale larger than life clouds. It’s like slowly and smoothly breathing the vapors in and then releasing them out, forming magnificent clouds. Sub ohm vaping usually involves direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping.

What is MTL vaping?

MTL or (Mouth-To-Lungs) vaping is like conventional smoking where you first draw the vapors to your mouth, then inhale them to the lungs. In this style of vaping, you exhale a relatively smaller volume of vapor clouds compared to DTL.

How do I know if my vape is Sub Ohm?

It’s usually mentioned on the device or the atomizer coil whether your device works on the principle of sub ohm vaping. You can still find out if it’s a sub ohm device if the labeling is missing. Just read the resistance on the coil or measure it some other way. If the magnitude is below 1 ohm, it’s a sub ohm vape kit.


Vaping beginners are constantly looking for ways to produce bigger clouds that have a more intense flavor. This can be achieved using sub ohm vape tanks. An atomizer coil that has a resistance lesser than 1 ohm, a battery with a suitable rating, and vape juice with balanced ingredients can create just the perfect vaping experience for you.

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