Top 3 Vaping Tricks Almost Any Vaper Can Do

You’ve seen all the crazy videos on YouTube of professional vapers performing seemingly impossible tricks with vapor. Sometimes you wonder if they’re using CGI, or possibly cutting together multiple shots to get that perfect video. You know some of these tricks are nearly impossible, but they get you wondering. What tricks could I do? Here, we’ll show you three cool vaping tricks that you can do with just a little bit of practice, as well as with the right MOD and vape juice.

Vape Trick #1: The Dragon

If you’re a fantasy fan and you want to show off your ferocious vaping to your friends, then this is the trick for you. When you master this trick, you’ll be able to blow a huge cloud in three different directions from four different holes at once. Vapor will head out both sides of your mouth and out of your nose simultaneously, creating what looks like a dragon snorting fire.

Simply take as big of a pull of vapor as you can from your MOD. Once you’ve taken in as much vapor as you possibly can, exhale as hard as you can. But don’t just exhale through your mouth. Keep your lips pursed, but let the sides of your mouth stay loose. At the same time, let yourself also blow that vapor out through your nose. It may feel strange at first, but with time you’ll be able to get all four areas blowing vapor at once.

Vape Trick #2: The French Inhale

If you want to make your vapor look like it’s flowing against gravity, then you’ll love this one. Popularized by some very famous rappers and media figures, this trick involves blowing vapor out through your mouth before pulling it back up through your nose.

To perform this trick, take a medium sized pull from your MOD. Don’t inhale it all the way into your lungs, since you want the vapor to settle down into a calm state before exhaling. When the vapor is ready, just open your mouth. The vapor will start to come out naturally, and inhale it through your nose. Just make sure you’re not inhaling through your mouth at the same time, or the effect will be ruined.

Vape Trick #3: The Snap

Also known as a ghost hit, the snap is a trick where it looks like you’re exhaling tons of vapor that then suddenly disappears back into your mouth. That is in fact what you are actually doing, but it looks a lot fancier than it sounds.

To perform this trick, take as big of a pull from your MOD as possible. Let it calm itself into a steady state in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, breathe out and almost instantly start breathing back in again. You may mess up and exhale all the vapor the first few times, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. With some practice, you’ll be able to levitate a big ball of vapor in front of your face before inhaling it all again.

Vape tricks can be awesome. With enough practice, you’ll be able to do some of the tricks you thought were impossible. Try out these three simple tricks and get them as perfect as you possibly can. Impress your friends, then look for more advanced ones to try out next!

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