Vapor Shark Hedron at Select Vape

Vapor Shark has built a reputation on the basis of delivering top-notch performance in all its products. All their products have come to be loved for their delivery. But, none of their past products can match the Vapor Shark Hedron. This is one of their latest products and one of the best under their portfolio. Also, it is their first collaboration with WISMEC- Vapor Shark being the designer and WISMEC the manufacturer. The Vapor Shark Hedron can be purchased at Select Vape.

The Vapor Shark Hedron is one of the most visually appealing mods. This Mod is fabricated with stainless steel and has a very smooth finish. Unlike most mods, there is not a feature that appears to be out of place. It is designed with aesthetic-conscious vapers in mind. Vapor Shark Hedron has three-button controls which are cleverly spread above and below the LED screen. On top of this mod is a 510 threaded connection that allows you to connect this mod with your favorite Rebuildable Atomizer.

If you are looking for a user-friendly MOD, you should definitely get the Vapor Shark Hedron from Select Vape. This device is basic to use. It has three buttons-one for firing up and the other two for adjusting the temperature. Also, it has a large screen, with a blue colorful display, to help you regulate the temperature and enjoy a satisfying vape session.

Portability is also among the best features of this MOD. It weighs 150g only. Hence, is very light on the hands. Additionally, the Hedron measures: 50mm* 40mm* 86mm, making it easy to fit in your hands while vaping or sit in your pockets while you are moving around. And, to further enhance the portability of this tank, there is a USB charging port that allows you to charge with a laptop or power bank when you are not near a direct source of power.

In terms of performance, the Vapor Shark Hedron at Select Vape is a winner. Hedron is a variable wattage MOD that allows you to customize your vape session, thus is perfect for every advanced vaper. Whether you like a cool draw or chasing the clouds, Vapor Shark Hedron allows you to tweak the wattages to your like, with the limit being 200W. To make it even better, the Mod uses a bypass system that allows it to work just like a mechanical MOD- meaning that battery power is directly passed onto your coils so that vapor and flavor are produced immediately.

Come to Select Vape and get your Vapor Shark Hedron today!

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