Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking

A blinking vape pen shows device malfunction and severe issues like poor vape pod installation. It means you’ll not enjoy your e-juice comfortably. The type of issue sometimes depends on how often your vape pen blinks. But it also varies with vape pen brands. For example, most vape pens will blink three times when there is a battery problem. It could be a poor battery connection with the vape cartridge or just a low battery.
So, if your vape pen flashes different colors a couple of times, especially if it’s a reputable brand like Flum Gio Disposable, what is this for you? Can you solve it? The article below offers a quick guide on vape pen blinking reasons and possible ways of fixing it. Let’s dive in.

1. Battery Problems

Battery problems like low battery or poor connection to the vape cartridge will make the vape pen blink. For original brands, especially the disposable vape pen brands like Flum, three blinks show a low battery charge. Other battery issues that can make your vape pen blink include:

  • Dead battery
  • Loose battery
  • Bad connection between the battery and vape cartridge like short-circuits

Besides, you can still get a blink if your vape has a full battery charge but with a low voltage. The best fix for a battery issue is recharging, replacing, or sorting its connection problems. Unfortunately, a solution like sorting vape pen circuits and connection issues can be challenging to any ordinary vape enthusiast.
That’s where disposable vape pens come in handy. They have a battery that lasts for full use, so you don’t have to worry about the charge or bad connections. Some leading brands of vape pens, like Flum Gio Disposable, offer about 3000 puffs. That’s equivalent to 300 cigarettes or 300 days or roughly ten months if you are to take ten puffs per day. After the period, you will need a similar vape pen with good battery performance.
For loose battery connections in reusable vape pens,

  • Unscrew and screw back the battery firmly.
  • Clean the vape pen’s metal contacts to ensure no dirt or dust is undermining a good battery connection. You can use a little swab with alcohol if there is excess dirt.

Voltage is critical because it influences the amount of temperature and vape you can get. Low voltages will give low temperatures, weak hits, and smaller vapor clouds. For low voltage issues, refer to the device’s instructions for guidance. Also, the weak hits and low temperatures can come from air bubbles on the vape pen. Tap the pen gently to clear trapped air bubbles. Air bubbles trigger temperature protection that reduces the heating of the e-liquid. That means a smaller vapor cloud or no cloud. So, gently tapping the vape pen will clear bubbles and false alarms, allowing optimum heating and vapor clouds. Note that dead batteries or faulty ones show the need for replacements or upgrades. Whatever your choice, prioritize a vape pen with good battery performance.

2. Wrong Vape Pod Installation

Your vape pen can also blink if the device is not detecting the vape pod – the section containing the e-juice. You can also get the same error message displayed as “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer.” The blinking signal from such an error message shows that the device can’t read the coil or pod correctly. If your pod is removable, unscrewing and reinstalling it can help reset and clear the error. Be careful to screw the pod firmly but don’t tighten it.
At the same time, cleaning your vape contacts can do the magic. Most vape pens have the 510-pin connector as its contact with the vape pod or tank. So, clean any dirt or dust on the contacts using an alcohol swab. It’s worth mentioning that the e-liquid can occasionally leak, clogging the contacts. So, ensure you regularly clean all your pod kits’ coils and contacts.
If the error persists after cleaning and dry-reinstalling your pod, check the e-juice amount level or replace the tank or pod. Note that replacement or trying a different pod or tank only applies to reusable vape pens. Ensure your replacement specifics, like Ohm-rating, is compatible with your vape pen manufacturer standards. Your vape pen will not fire up if you replace the vape pod with a lower Ohm rating than your brand’s standard.
Four blinks commonly indicate that your vape pen has an atomizer resistance issue. So, check if the pod’s Ohm resistance rating is compatible with your pen before replacement.

3. Low E-Juice

If your e-liquid is insufficient or over, the vape pen will flash you a warning. Replacing the vape pen, if disposable, will do the trick. Otherwise, just refill the cartridge if it’s a reusable vape pen. You should be cautious and avoid an overfilled e-juice or leaking ones from substandard brands. It will help make your vape pen last longer by preventing malfunctions from leaks that affect contacts and coils.

4. Vibration Alerts

Some vape pen brands will alert you when you puff so much within a specific time. For example, if you have 15 puffs within 15 minutes, you may get vibration and flashing alerts. A single cigarette is equivalent to about ten vape puffs. So, the flashing warnings can help you regulate how much vaping you do, especially if you wish to stop smoking.

Reasons For Vape Pen Blinking And How To Fix Them

Most blinking may mark the end-of-life of your vape pen, but you can quickly fix some signs. Here’s a recap of the reasons for your vape pen blinking and how to fix them:



Most vape pen issues like battery or atomizer problems are common among reusable vape devices. But with durable disposable vape pen brands like Flum Gio Disposable device, you can avoid some problems until the pen’s end of life. Want to learn more about our vape pens? Visit our website at https://selectvape.com/product/flum-gio-disposable-device-3000-puffs/ and learn more about the solutions we have for you. That said, there’s no cause for alarm whenever your vape blinks; the guide above will come in handy to help you handle the situation swiftly. You can also call SelectVape at 714-884-4012, and we’ll address your concerns.


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