An Extra Tank or Two is a Wise Investment

While having the right type of vape tank is an essential step towards a fulfilling vaping experience, investing in more than one tank is the final stride. An extra vape tank will spice up your vaping experience by allowing you to have a taste of different types and quantities of e-juice. Besides, it is essential to have a spare, just in case a broken vape tank threatens to upset your vaping voyage. It is thus advisable to have more than one vape tank to enable you to switch from on preference to another with much ease.

So let us look at why investing in more than one tank is essential.

Vape tanks come in different shapes, size, and material. In case you have e-cigs of various designs, in particular, atomizers, you might as well invest in vape tanks of different sizes. The shape of the tank is often a factor of the user’s needs and preferences. The size of the tank is also dependent on the atomizer. Furthermore, a bigger vape tank is suitable if you prefer large amounts of e-juice. It, however, makes it less portable. Therefore, a larger tank would be ideal for use in a fixed place while smaller tanks are convenient for mobile users. You may consider investing in more both large and small tanks to suit your different needs.

Vape tanks are made of three materials namely, plastic and glass or Pyrex. All are suited to different uses. While plastics may be cheaper and readily available, they are easily corroded by certain e-juices such as citrus. They are also more prone to cracking. However, glass or Pyrex tanks are more prone to breaking if not handled with utmost care. Vape tanks made from glass are advantageous as they can withstand any flavor. Pyrex or glass vape tanks ensure you enjoy any e-liquid without worrying about a severe reaction. They also provide for improved airflow resulting in an excellent hot vape experience. Owning different material-type vape will enable you to vape away in style.

Some vapers may prefer to use different flavors of e-liquid. Using the same tank for the flavors may result to mixing and consequently a horrible vaping experience. One container may be apt if you only use one taste of the material. Owning extra tanks will help you change from one e-juice to another without compromising your vaping habit or need. It will also alleviate the need to clean the tanks whenever you want to try a different flavor.

Reasons behind vaping may be categorized as classic vaping (leisure vaping) or sub-ohm vaping (flavor chasing, and cloud chasing). All these require different types of vape tanks. Most users fall between flavor chasing and cloud chasing, which is regarded as extremes. Some users may also consider trying both categories. It would thus require different types of vape tanks. You will primarily need vape tanks capable of using coils with a lower resistance and larger juice channels for sub-ohm vaping. It allows to produce vast and dense clouds. On the other hand, mouth to lung (MTL) tanks would be suitable for leisure vaping. The tanks have coils with a more restrictive juice and air flow. Having both categories of vape tanks will allow you to switch from one vaping style to the other conveniently.

The inherent diversity of vaping needs and preferences brings forth the variety in vaping gears and elements used. The design and type of device used also determines the vape tank. Vape tanks deliver the e-juice to the heating element (atomizer) for warming before vaping. You may consider having e-cigs, Advanced Personal Vaporizers, or MODs. Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) are electronic with necessary electronic components. On the other hand, MODs are mechanical as they do not have electric components. Necessarily, you will need different vape tanks for these devices. Moreover, it is essential to invest in several tanks for each of the devices. It allows you to derive enjoyment and satisfaction in scales that you can control. It also seems fashionable to own an extra vape tank in the vaping domain.

For vapers who are on the move, carrying a variety of vape tanks is vital for wonderful vaping experiences wherever you are. For instance, you may find a new flavor during your travel and an extra tank will come in handy. Also, you will not be required to carry bottles for your juice with as many flavors as possible. Depending on the design, you can easily replace or reload the e-juice once you clear the main tank. It is apt for those in the chain-vaping category.

Investing in extra vape tanks is noble for anyone in the vaping community. Whether you fall under novice vaper, advanced vapers, former smokers, or cloud chasers, additional vape tanks will allow you to meet your vaping needs and preferences. For those who like experimenting on vaping devices for a customized experience, the extra vape tanks will provide spares for design tweaks. While two heads are better than one, two or more vape tanks offer a better and a diversified vaping experience.

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