Paying Attention to the Vape Tank’s Fill Line

Refilling of the e-liquid in the vape tank of your vaping device can seem uncomplicated, however, a few things could go wrong if it is not done properly. This could cost a vaper in a number of ways. A little description on how the inside of it works should help understand how to better handle the device and why one should be careful to observe the vape tank’s fill line.

The structure of the vape is such that there is string like things called “wicks”. These wicks absorb the e-liquid which are heated up for the e-liquid to vaporize which is then inhaled. This e-liquid needs to be filled to an appropriate level to work efficiently. Overfilling could cause a couple of problems.

By overfilling, one cause easily gets themselves some serious burns. Some of the vapers have complained of having experienced burns due to simply overlooking the importance of being keen so as not to exceed the tank level. This occurs because when the e-liquid boils, the droplets spatter very randomly and violently and in the case where they get out through the air hole, they could easily meet the skin and therefore causing these burns. The burns can also occur when, after overfilling, the liquid itself runs out and comes in contact with the skin, the juice, at this point has been heated and is therefore very dangerously hot.

There is an after effect of overfilling different from burning which is that, as one can imagine, the excess e-liquid causes flooding in your tank. This e-liquid may end up in your mouth when you inhale, which is clearly not ideal as alongside the fact that it should not be swallowed or it could even spill over and cause an unpleasant mess. Also, when vaping, it is a recommended practice to ensure that they take periodic vapes, what this does is that it allows for the e-liquid to be completely vaporized. A consequence of not doing this is getting some juice into your mouth. Overfilling could as well cause leaking of the liquid to the connector and the firing pin.

Also, when flooding occurs, this liquid might get into the connection between the tank and the battery. This does not have any adverse effects but brings about unpleasant noises when you pull on the vape. This might end up making the vaping process not as pleasant.

Leaking brought about by flooding could be caused by many other improper handling practices such as pulling on the device too hard or over tightening when reassembling after refilling. However, one cannot over emphasize the importance of ensuring that they are careful not to exceed it. The air that is left when the right amount is used helps keep the e-liquid in its chamber and hence avoid it leaking to other places.

Finally, improper use of any device could easily cause it to damage; the vape is not any different especially if one notices the leaking later than they should, it could cause the flooded tank to spoil. Although, if one notices that it is leaking soon enough, it can easily be fixed by separating the parts and getting rid of the leaked e-liquid and the vape is as good as new. Besides over-filling the tank, another malpractice that should also be avoided is under-filling the tank which also has its effects.

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