NTRS and Number 09 Tank Combo by CKS

All vapers can agree that there is nothing sweeter than waking up one day to find a new device that combines all the best features from your favorite manufacturers. So, I am sure that we were all pretty excited when we heard that VO Technology was collaborating with Cloud Kicker Society (CSK), to develop a magnificent TC Mod that is the NTRS 75W, which used the Number 09 Tank that is designed and manufactured by CSK.

The NTRS is a variable Wattage MOD that works well with a wattage setting of anywhere between & Watts and 75 Watts. But, with a firm wire, the NTRS allows you to use up to 80W. This means that vapers can customize their vapes, depending on their different preferences. For example, lower settings can be set where the vaper wants a cool vape or they are more interested in the flavor rather than having a hard hit and large clouds. Else, watts above 70W can be set, where one desires a warmer vape or want to produce competitive clouds of vapor.

Massive cloud production is made possible by the powerful batteries that are compatible with it, as it works well with 26650 interchangeable batteries. However, it does come with an 18650 battery adapter that makes it possible for you to continue using your old batteries.

With the NTRS 75W MOD, you get a USB charger. This makes the TC MOD highly portable, as it can be charged anywhere, even when you do not have a DC. Therefore, you need not be worried about your vaping session being interrupted by a low battery.

One of my favorite things about this MOD is the fact that it uses a Number 09 Tank from CKS-This combo is just genius. A great MOD, accompanied by a great tank- what more could a sub-ohmer ask for? The CKS Number 09 tank is one of the most beautiful tanks we have seen. Its body is mostly black, but has a few details in gold, making it appealing to the eye.

The Number 09 tank from CKS has a bottom airflow control. The airflow is easy to adjust and can be opened wide when one needs to take a cooler draw. In fact, the airflow makes it possible to avoid dry hits and achieve thicker clouds and a better flavor. The tank can be used with two coil heads- a 0.2Ohm and a 0.5 Ohm, depending on your needs.

If you want to up your sub-ohming game, consider getting yourself the sleek NTRS and Number 09 Tank Combo from Select Vape today.

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