Temperature Control Vaping Gives You Control

For vapers looking to try out more advanced devices the terminology is somewhat confusing at times. Terms such as “watts, volts, and temperature control” sound complicated when choosing which one to use. Don’t let the terminology trip you up. These terms describe the process of applying heat to your coils in the most efficient way for your device. Here’s a bit of information about what temperature control is and why it is beneficial to vaping enjoyment. 

What is Temperature Control?
Temperature control is a setting on many of the advanced vapor mods. Many devices and vaporizers work more efficiently in TC mode than using wattage or voltage settings. TC mode allows you to pre-set your coil temperature to remain more consistent and avoids overheating your coil which results in burning and dry hits often experienced in wattage and voltage modes. Temperature setting ranges between 200°F all the way up to 600°F, and gives you greater control over customizing how you like to vape. Think of it as “cruise control” for your MOD.

Different Coils for TC Mode
You’ve no doubt seen coils advertised as Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel. These describe coils made of materials that work better in temperature control mode due to their ability to absorb heat differently. When coils heat up their resistance changes. Kanthal is sturdy and can take more heat, whereas nickel (NI) and titanium (TI) are softer metal and absorb heat better at lower temperatures. NI coils are also wrapped differently with coils being evenly spaced instead of fused together.

Benefits of Temperature Control
The main benefit of using temperature control is that it eliminates dry hits when your atomizer runs out of juice. The cotton wicking material burns when the liquid is all vaporized giving a nasty, burnt flavor that can produce violent coughing when it hits your lungs. Temperature control prevents this from happening by lowering the heat when it detects the absence of liquid and continues to lower it until it shuts off keeping your coils and wicking from burning. Keeping your setting at 400°F or below avoids burning at together. When your device shuts off or produces no more vapor it’s a sign you are out of juice. This also lengthens the life of your coils making coil changes less frequent.

Do’s and Don’ts for Using Temperature Control Mode 

There are some precautions that need stating about using temperature control. Due to the differences in the coil material and configuration, using this setting with the wrong device can have disastrous consequences. Proper use requires common sense and the ability to follow directions. Follow these safety tips for using TC mode.

Do use the right coils in temperature mode. Before purchasing a new coil for your atomizer make sure that Ni200, TI or SS is compatible with your device. If you’re not sure check the manufacturer’s website for your device.

Do use an atomizer designed for these types of coils. Many tanks and atomizers now work with these coils. Again, check if you are not sure. Make sure your device has a TC setting before using these coils.

Don’t use Ni200 or TI coils in variable voltage or variable wattage mode and never use these coils on a mechanical mod because there is no accurate way to measure the heat output of this type of device and injury could occur. Use them only in devices that have TC settings, which includes most regulated MODs.

Newer MODs with TC settings may cost a little more, but the advantages to it outweigh the cost in the end. The advantages being more control over how you vape, longer coil life, and no more burnt hits. TC mode lets you find that perfect sweet-spot in your vaping setup and you can set it and forget it.

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