Treating Your Atomizer Right!

As you have been introduced to the joys of vaping, you have probably learned there are a lot of necessary components to making your vaping experience a success. One of the things you probably learned immediately is that you cannot vape at all without an atomizer. This is why the proper care and knowledge of it is of extreme importance. There are actually several things you need to know, including the role and function of an atomizer, the different types, and the proper care and maintenance. Understanding all of this will help you continue to enjoy your vaping hobby!

What is an atomizer? 
Simply put, the atomizer is the part of the e-cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid and helps you enjoy that pure nicotine and/or flavorful taste. For the technical folks, the best way to explain it is this way; it’s kind of like the platform that sends power to a circuit board through a wire. With the push of a button, it goes to work delivering power to a heating element and a micro-pump within the atomizer itself. The pump delivers the e-juice to the heating element to be vaporized and that is what gives you the awesome flavoring.

The Different Types (Or, which one is right for you?)
Of course, there are different types of atomizers on the market today. The kind you need depends wholly on just what type of vaping you are going to do. There is one for a two-piece e-cigarette and a three-piece e-cigarette. The atomizer’s only function on a two-piece is to be a “cog in the wheel”, so to speak. On a three-piece, the atomizer takes on a larger role. One of the newest crazes in the e-cig world today would be that of “dripping” and if you prefer this type of vaping then you are aware of the importance of the atomizer. Of course, if you are looking for convenience, then the only reason you would need one is for a part to your vaping machine. Many individuals do without the extreme taste of “dripping” for the convenience of simply taking out their vape pen and taking a puff any time they prefer.

Proper Care of Your Atomizer 
Whether you are simply content just to vape normally or whether you like “dripping”, it is important either way to take proper care of your atomizer. By doing so, you will extend the life of it, and save some money as well. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Perform a daily cleaning. 
    It’s going to strongly benefit from a mild daily cleaning. You should remove the atomizer and look at your threading and drip well. Chances are some e-liquid has gotten into those areas, so you need to soak them up and remove them. Next, you should blow through the opening of the drip tip. Avoid blowing through the drip tip directly because this might damage your wick.
  • Perform a deep cleaning every two to four weeks. 
    A lot of residue can collect on the heating coil, so you should do a deep cleaning every couple weeks. The residue will often consist of vegetable oils, glycerin or sweetener and will lessen the taste if it isn’t removed. Heat a small amount of water in a microwave-safe cup and then thoroughly swish the atomizer around in the water until you are certain the excess residue has been removed.
  • Wait 24 hours before using it again.
    Unfortunately, there is going to be a day wait before you can use this atomizer because a wet atomizer will not taste very well. Utilize a backup if you cannot wait that long.


There you have it. With these steps, your atomizer will last that much longer!

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