Why is my vape juice so expensive??

You get what you pay for with premium e-juice

Okay, we’ve all been through this right? Why is an American Apparel white t-shirt 7x more expensive than the white t-shirts at target? Why does one vape juice cost more than the next brand when it supposedly has a very similar flavor and nicotine level?

Well, just like that designer white t-shirt vs. the white t-shirt at target, one is made with more premium materials or ingredients than the other and one is manufactured under different circumstances (i.e. in the US vs. in China). It’s the same with vape juice. More premium e-juices use better ingredients, flavoring and their production environment may be a lot more desirable. You get what you pay for folks.

In this blog post you will get a full understanding of what makes your vape juice so expensive and common misconceptions that may help you better enjoy your favorite flavor or brand!

Your vape juice is more expensive because it is a Premium E-juice

Now, price is just one indicator of quality. You can ensure the brand you are considering is actually premium by looking into these factors:

  • Ingredients
  • Flavor
  • Production environment

Ingredients are the quality materials of which Premium E-juices are made of

The egyptian cotton of vape is USP Grade ingredients. USP (United States Pharmacopeia) is a non-profit organization that requires high standards for substances used in medicines, supplements and food ingredients. USP is as legit as the FDA in that their standards can be enforced by the government and they (generally) try to ensure that what we are ingesting won’t harm us.

An expensive vape juice that is worthy of your hard earned dollars will be a premium e-juice that utilizes USP grade ingredients. For quick and easy to understand information on USP standards and purity levels of ingredients.

Flavor is everything

Listen, regardless of price if a vape juice doesn’t taste good, it’s not the juice for you. But, premium e-juices are treated and developed like fancy cuisine. Mixologists have made it an art to imitate the flavoring of real delicious food. Not just the fake tasting stuff that sorta kinda tastes like the real thing.

Your expensive vape juice may be a Premium e-juice that has experienced mixologist geniuses behind each and every flavor.

Would you ever eat at a restaurant with a D rating? #ProductionEnvironment

The answer is no. So why would you ingest vape juice that was produced in subpar production environments? This is yet another reason why your vape juice is so expensive. Your extra dollar goes to ensure that the production environment is top quality (a.k.a an A rated kitchen). Also, a quick google search will reveal where your vape juice is manufactured and if it meets all necessary requirements.

Premium e-juices are manufactured in production environments that are compliant with:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Low ISO levels certified state of the art clean rooms
  • All necessary compliances and certifications

Misconceptions and facts about the quality of a vape juice

Click the fact for additional information

Now that you have a clear understanding of what really makes a premium e-juice and why your vape juice is so expensive, it’s important to go over some Misconceptions and Facts. These misconceptions often cause confusion on whether a vape juice is of a higher quality or not. While many of these can be indicators of a lower quality product, it is best to consider your own preferences before deciding if your vape juice is premium or not. With this section you will hopefully be able to better enjoy your favorite flavor or brand and ensure your expensive vape juice is really worth the extra cash.

Misconception: You get headaches with lower quality e-juices

Fact: This is not necessarily true. You may just need to use another premium e-juice that contains less PG and more VG

Misconception: Low quality vape juices cause your cotton to brown

Fact: It’s not necessarily low quality, it just has more sweeteners and higher levels of VG

Misconception: Lower quality e-juices have a really harsh throat hit

Fact: Most of the time the perfect throat hit is determined by preference

Misconception: Low quality vape juice go bad very fast

Fact: While, premium e-juices are of higher quality and therefore maintain a consistent flavor, the way you store your e-juice plays a major role in flavor consistency.

  • Pro tip: Understanding the proper way to store and possibly steep your e-juice really helps to ensure you get the best experience with your premium e-juice

Moral of the story

You get what you pay for and it’s important to understand your own preferences when deciding to pay extra for an e-juice. Your expensive vape juice is a premium e-liquid that uses high standards in production and mixology. Also, in reality you are getting a bigger bang for your buck. Simple google searches, checking the ingredients and simple social media DM’s will help you find out if your vape juice of choice is actually high quality. Moreover, understanding the misconceptions previously stated will aid in your quest for the perfect premium e-juice experience.

For additional helpful vape information, keep up with the Select Vape Blog and a big thanks to the contributors of this blog post Ruthless Vapor.

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