Did That Coil Just Burn Out?

Imagine this: today is the day that the USPS will be delivering brand-new premium vape juice. You jump out of bed and run to the door and see the package. The first thing you do is rip open the package and put it in your vape tank. You take one big puff, and horror washes over your face. A big smell of burnt vape makes you want to throw up. This experience often ruins many novice vapers, thus putting them off from wanting to vape. It seems that almost every vaper at one point or another had this bad experience happen before, but does it have to be this way? With simple steps and precautions, no one will ever have to taste that nastiness again.

Some of the main problems explaining why you may receive a bad burnt taste while vaping is because you did not prime the wick, which is when you take the e-liquid you are planning on using and putting some of it on the wick inside your tank (this is even more important if are using a brand-new tank) this will allow a much smoother vaping experience. Another problem is that you do not do allow the e-liquid some time to really get into the atomizer or not firing the vape a couple times before you use it. These simple explanations can explain that terrible smell coming out of your vape!

Common prevention techniques allow the vape user to be able to avoid this burnt horrible taste such as checking the coil, the wick, and doing simple cleaning of the mod and the tank. If the coil looks burnt or it has a rustic look to it, the coil needs to be taken out ASAP. Usually, this can be accomplished by using a screwdriver or pliers. You can buy pre-made coils that are ready to be put in right out of the box or you can buy coils that are untangled, allowing you to have more control over what is in your mod while saving some money. Another common problem with coils is that after vaping for a long time there will be gunk build up in the coil that needs to be removed. This is more common if you vape higher VG e-liquids. If the wick is yellow or brown it is time to change them. This is another material that can easily be bought online or in your local vaping shop. General cleaning of the vape will add many more months to its lifespan and prevent possible issues that may arrive down the road.

It’s very important to complete these precautionary and active steps because every vape user knows how nasty that taste is and how these steps will allow your device to last much longer. Many novices and beginners have no idea about these steps, hence why they need to understand these things before they are put off from vaping.

Vapers love a good flavor, rather it is something sweet like caramel or a beverage flavor like cola, but they do not like a burnt smell coming out of their device. Following precautionary steps such as cleaning the device and inspecting the tank every couple of days will prevent most of that issue. Replacing key parts that have become bad such as the wick or coils are often the cure to this problem. With this knowledge every person that vapes will feel good that they will never have a burnt coil again.

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